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This old fart know nothing pontificating liberal is such an arrogant pharisee!
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Massachusetts Senator Ben Affleck?

emolina Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 5:46 PM
Ben, you're a good director but fair actor, stick to it. You can probably play as a senator for a movie. But for a real senator, maybe if you're moderate to conservative one is a good idea.
This "porno" professor should be working for Penthouse Forum magazine to explore further his derange dirty mind! His poems does not even sound so artistic and creative for pornographic mind is not a creative mind but a degenerative one!
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Obama: DWS is Here to Stay

emolina Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 4:40 PM
Amazing how these hacks and thugs are back again. Well, bring it on. Conservatives will win at the end. It's about the war, not battles.
Just the reasoning and responses from the O' reilley debate, I could not help but see many confused and theology ignoramus Americans in our midst. Sad to see this.
FOX is wasting money having the likes of WIlliams, Beckel and Holmes--simply useful idiots!
Yes, Jindal may have a point. I can't blame Romney for the whole 2012 defeat. Let's not forget that the sycophant and partizan shameless Media, Machiavellian Democrat tactics, and stupid voters. So, the next candidate has to have courage and guts to confront and expose the bias media, confront Machiavellian tactic with vigorous conservative principles, and educate, not alienate all voters! And don't forget--show emotion and compassion with voters.
Morons, cowards, and even sissy Salazar.
How can you win against the inept BO when you have this liberal press so bias as if they are one huge free political ads that has been going on for a long time for their candidate. It is like playing basketball with the refs on the side of the BO team. No way, with this bad media, can any Republican candidate could win. BO won only, again, because the media is protecting him. If the voters were given fair coverage for both candidates BO would not win any of the race.
BO is lucky to have most of the states run by Republican governors recovering. Of course, BO is a master of taking credits that hardly belongs to him. Only in America that someone so empty, so inept, so inexperience, and so protected by the media, could be elected to the highest office. Sad.
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