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Can Romney Win Over Hispanics?

emetwill Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 3:54 PM
I have an Idea. And it would stand this whole situation on its head and destroy Obama and his minions. How about we quit even thinking about immigration and concentrate on crime. How about we welcome Hispanics who embrace capitalism, free market, liberty, and the American dream. And when we catch a truly bad Latino, white, black, or any other Colorado person punish them accordingly and effectively even if that means firing squad. I'm a white boy from Oklahoma and I want to tell you something, Every damnable one of us are immigrants. How many of our family's originated here? People have moved around since the beginning. Mexicans are excellent workers, they believe in traditional family's. They believe in God.
emetwill Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 3:57 PM
Any color person not Colorado. Sorry about that I'm on a kindle. But the problem is not Mexican, blacks, or whites. The problem is bad people of every race.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney travelled to New Mexico this week in search of the state's 5 electoral votes, but he has a significant hurdle to overcome. The latest Rasmussen poll numbers in the state show Romney trailing the president by 14 percent.

Romney began his campaign in Hobbs, New Mexico, by talking about his energy plan. It's good politics to talk about energy in the West, where the energy business provides lots of job and economic growth. But Romney's problem in the state has little to do with energy and much to do with demographics.

Romney has,...