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I recall photos of JFK shooting at Camp David, but that was obviously a different time. Maybe photos of President Obama shooting skeet are discouraged to avoid conveying the "wrong" image ... much like pictures of someone smoking.
I've seen pictures of President Obama shooting hoops, shooting a round of golf, and shooting the breeze, but I've yet to see a photo of the man shooting skeet. For someone in the media limelight, you'd figure the all-informing media would circulate a few photos of the guy enjoying the shooting sport. Especially for someone that does it "all the time." Hmm, maybe it isn't like he says.
Watching Senator Feinstein hawk her gun-ban remix made me wonder about something off topic. Are members of Congress required to release their medical exams results? I assume the answer is "no" based on the plethora of dementia-like behavior exhibited by many legislators. Maybe it's time we the people become privy to their medical records because it might explain why we're in the mess we're in.
Much has happened since the GOP's attempt to recruit Powell to run against Clinton in '96. His significant popularity would have made the election very competitive. But the general provided some troubling-for-me insight into his mindset back then via his book, An American Journey. I wasn't a big fan of his then, partly based on personal interaction with him at the Pentagon, and I'm even less of a fan today.
Sanford had plenty of time to get the speck out of his eye…after apologizing for unacceptable behavior. As it should be, the folks in the district will have the final say about the man’s political future.
With all due respect Mr. Schultz, I believe Ron White had you in mind when he coined the phrase “you can’t fix stupid."
I’m sure Senator McCain wished his A-4E Skyhawk had been armed with laser-guided “missiles" and avoided the extended stay at the Hanoi Hilton.
Ah, but laws are made to be changed. And if recent history is any indication, conflicting laws are no barrier to "progress."
Agree...just noting the O.P.'s sarcastic grasp--or lack thereof--on statistics.
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