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Final NPR Poll: Romney Leads By One, Up Big With Independents

emcelveen76 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 2:09 PM
Election night will be a nail-biter for sure... but here's some food for thought for my fiscal conservative friends: Romney budget will be the exact same as Obama's - $3.80 Trillion. The numbers are there... just do the math. The nation is in a heap of trouble regardless of who wins, but I think fiscal conservatives need to be especially weary of Romney who is promising a big budget reduction. A site called did some serious number crunching and found that Romney's budget will be nearly identical to Obama's - $3.80Trillion. Now THAT'S scary. He's been feeding all of us lies.

National polling is going to be tough to come by over the next few days, as pollsters will struggle to get remotely accurate samples from much of the Eastern seaboard.  Indeed, Gallup and a few other firms are suspending their tracking polls until the mess is cleared up.  For what it's worth, Rasmussen's tracker still has Obama locked in at 47 percent, with Romney ahead by two.  The Republican maintains a six-point advantage on the economy, and for the first time, fewer than 50 percent of voters think Obama will win re-election.  Meanwhile, NPR has released its final...