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Romney Can Close the Deal

elvis18 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:26 PM
NEOCON--- aS USUAL YOU CAN'T ADD 1+1 !! YOU ONLY HAVE 2 CHOICES THAT WILL REFLECT ON THIS NATION IN A BIG WAY! A vote for anybody but Romney will more than likelygive us 4 more ,if we last that long, years of Obarfa. If you can't see the danger are truly one very stupid person...I said "IF" you can't see that!
Those were my cheers you heard coming from the Left Coast last Wednesday night.

I watched the Romney-Obama debate at my home in L.A., where I could hear the gasps and sobs of the creative community get louder and louder as Mitt came out swinging and never let up.

That wasn't a debate. It was "The Great Debacle" -- and everyone who watched it for three minutes knew Kid Romney was winning every round on substance and style.

I kept waiting for David Axelrod to throw a towel in the ring or referee Jim Lehrer to step in, wave...