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Media is Mad Because Mitt Told the Truth?

elvis18 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 4:39 PM
YEP! DEY IS MADDD ! Mitt should know the liberal media does not like the truth! Oh he knows...but maybe he was just showing the world what a bunch of dummies they are!?

Don’t Americans constantly complain because politicians lie? Barack Obama lies so much, his nose should be longer than Pinnochio. He says “the private sector is doing fine.” He says to business owners, “You didn’t build that.” He tells the middle class that “none of the tax increases are aimed at you.” And he tells rich people who pay almost all of the taxes, “You’re not paying your fair share.” It’s all lies and distortions.

Yet Mitt Romney tells the truth and he gets panned by the national media? All he said a few days ago is that Israel is a remarkable...