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Chuckle. you should have been on MItt's team...balanced out his sunday school aura with your "in your face" ..than add all the comments you made here
Hmmmmmm? For all of you Paul advocates..... WHAT IS HIS POSITION ON ILLEGALS? MARIJUANA ? ABORTION? THE MARINE IN JAIL IN MEXICO ? Invade Iraq...of course not! But it was stable after the surge. If ISIS(?) TAKES OVER ALL OF IRAQ...WE WILL SEE HOW "WISE" Paul looks! When your damn gas goes to 10-15 $ a gallon minimum...and stocks start tumbling all over the place...we shall see how wise Paul is.... I like Paul to a a degree... This article was aimed at the Democrats..I thought..if not previous commnets still hold. elvis
After today...leaving the bldg.-- tired of ignorant people like you! Mitt the turn around ace...stooopid! you didn't address the accurate predictions...folks, like you don't have the courage to admit Mitt has many good accomplishments. and of course since Iam right on this will just repeat your self showing how ignorant is your favorite meal. the only thing free about you is your head---free of brains! never do..just blather some goofy comment
After 7-8 coming on here... ELVIS IS LEAVING THE BUILDING.....Because we are preaching to the choir! TCB..Elvis
"Most of his predictions come true!" So what! So have Mitt Romney's! Now what ? 9-12 million conservatives helped Obarfa win! (Stayed home!) They didn't have enough brains to realize...O barfa(after 4 years) was /is worse than all of the GOP candidates for the White House !
Ron Paul--Good man but is not in touch w/reality! It is stupid to keep debating...should/shouldn't be there! I personally supported the invasion...BUT NOT THE WAY IT WAS DONE! Their leader at the time was trying to shoot our planes down, tried to have Pres. Bush killed! Ohhhh, you forgot that,huh! TODAY: If this gang of animals aren't stopped and take over Baghad..get ready for the gas prices to soar, food prices(truck drivers) too! There is no pure winning way. But like move at a time. It is like getting involved in a may think instantly...I should have stayed out But once you are in better do the best you can! BTW....things were better before we pulled outm our STABALIZING FORCES.... as much as possible!
P.S. Romney had to fight a 80% liberal many of the wanna be's has had to battle that!?! Duh! still the brightest of all the names being tossed around.Yes, he is only avg. in campaigning..but an excellent CEO type of person. Obarfa is a real good is it working out? Duh! He called Obarfa spineless in the missed that?! He said(Russia) the nation needs someone w/backbone(not you).I will give them that! The reference to Mass.--- stupid ,ignorant comment ! He inherited a 3= billion debit annd left w/appx. 3 billion to the good. you ahve a problem w/turning around a money mess?! He was told by the Mass. S.Court....same sex marriage was already acceptable per the existing state Laws...if he resisted..contempt of court! He was/is willing to pass an amendment to the constitution stating marriage is to be by man/woman ! He is like Ann Coulter said is the strongest on illegals! A real Rhino...huh! Dumb people can also be conservative,too! He doesn't support blanket abortion. His team was a disaster...except J. Bolton(too late), and the former Gov.. of N. Hampshire who said after the election...he was the most conservative since Reagan...but the nation has changed. reagan won Ca. could a GOP win Ca. Yeah,right! Like Hannity said Mitt is no Rhino...he would have cleaned up the money mess!
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Ready For Hillary?

elvis18 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 3:13 PM
HOW YA BE...DARBY? I mailed you a letter today. (o: I had a H. /attack on 5/3/14...think Iam recovering? I thought I was going to join "ELVIS" NUMBER 1 ! (O: Other wise I would have sent you some more cartoons!
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Dear Hillary: Run

elvis18 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 3:08 PM
M.Reagan-- Is over looking history! She was elected a Senator...w/the same amount of brains(zero)! 2012 election- more blacks,single women, snails,black panthers,kids.illegals voted.... a real bright and decent person lost the election ! Here it comes again. The only thing that could stop her...Benghazi, economy goes south big time! Everybody loves Bubba Clinton?! PUKE!
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