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Neither does the electorate ! A poll points out the Romney would beat Obarfa...But Mitt wold lose to Hellary! the stupid voters will line up for Hellary unless the GOP kicks her butt!
Just imagine Putin with a very weird small mustache. and nick name him Adolph and you will get the picture! Did Adolph from Germany stop his advancing? What finally stopped that monster? Don't have to put boots on the ground to deter this monster. As for Russia being THIS BIG COUNTRY W/NUKES... so what! thay have had the capacity for years but----- they are not like the isane Islam (want to die) if they feel they will die too...they can be dealt with...when you run into Reagan on the other side ask him..he will agree!
During the watts riot...they fired back and killed several scumbags...my buddy shot one! Soooo there must be provisions to shoot! If the Guard can't enforce the law...Perry is stupid...it will stop nobody!
What constitution ? The one that requires a daily trip to the bathroom ! The one written by ALLAH !
Soooooo you folks think some fireball conservative is all it is going to take to win the White House!? Check yo drinking water. the blacks will vote for a demo(90%) the liberal single women will vote for Hillary, the Latinos will vote for Freebie demos, the unions will vote for the demos, How is Cruz looking now? BTW...most of the married women voted for Mitt . I personally like Cruz...good enough. But he did a photo op by the whte house...bad! Christ said do not look like the Pharisees..and pray publicly for attention..the Demos will be all over that ! Reagan won because the economy was even worse---16-21% on mortgages,etc. If the economy TANKS...BIG TIME, then my words will be muted..and that is a mixed deal...TANKING will hurt millions!
Who is the weeper ?
WHOA ! Who said anything about the Demorats reading?? If it is not deception...not going to read it If I was a candidate..I would blast the demcraps every time I talked and give facts!
The GOP is cowardly. there are not going to be many tomorrows left---Russia,ISIS, Border Security,17 trillion plus in debt and going deeper. It is our last chance to avoid...a terrible America! It is time to say the damn Democrats caused ...this,that ! Actually say Democrats! Smash mouth..is our only hope! When Mitt used some bare knuckles on Obarfa in the 1st debate...which he won, his stupid team convinced him to not be so tough...LOOK PRESIDENTIAL...BS! It was the worst team ever put together since Mc Lame! the only exceptions--Bolton, Former Gov.from N.Hampshire . SMASH MOUTH!
True...but you know who he would g on as VP...Hellary "itch'!
EVEN FOX--- Is starting to use the term UNDOCUMENTED .....Immigrant! I guess we all are UNDOCUMENTED....in one area or another. Those that don't have drivers license, marriage licenses, dog license like Hellary,Holder,Reid,Pelosi. I better be careful all the dogs in my area will be insulted comparing these mongrelsto dogs!
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