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DOUBLE WHITE....WILL NOT STAND A CHANCE! Why not have A. West for VP? He is sooo tough and smart!
"Rightmostofthetime"... Wrong on this one! This nation is at the edge....don't let the decrease in il prices fool you. 18 trillion in debt...all that has to happen..world banks say to "H" w/americas $$$.. then devalue it...BOOM! Party is over...and we will be more concerned about eating etc. Bush is not going to get the nomination...period! So we can relax. But any democrat that gets in there will finish off the America that we want saved! Sooo be careful about not preventing a democrat!
Cruz...stay in Senate. Walker...okay...what is his background that is so impressive...just asking? He has shown a off/on inclination to slip little snide comments about other GOP Who have just as good a record as his...a little whatever but compared to demorats...sure I would vote for him.. How many times has he bailed out money messes?
Reference: Reagan...you mean that Rino that I voted for 4 times!? Gave amnesty,supported abortion in Ca., never got out of debt.nationally.
Anyone who loves the Clintons and is a kiss rump to Illegals ...send them to Cuba! All Bushes are spendaholics....NO WAY AMIGO BUSHES!
Stay home...gomer! Bush stinks ! As for Mittens....your ignorance is laughable! Mitt more conservative than Reagan...are you calling Reagan a Rino? I can back up what Iam saying ..but you just emotionally blathering away.Stay home.
73% OF THE DEMODONKEYS..VOTED AGAINST IT...!!! There must be something worthwhile there!? Give this matter until January and the following 90 days..then we can determine if we should move to Switzerland? Or someplace else! Of course we can arrange to have Clint Eastwood to lead the biggest hanging party ever held in america!
Look...Iam upset too ! I hate illegal entrance into America!!!!!! But as one conservative guest on fox said anything else..and Reid would have pulled his crappp..and the Gvmnt. wold shut down..and we know the GOP are terrible in that situation...and it would be Hellary for sure...when right now she is looking very stupid! All we can hope for is come January..this Bleep party better come thru!!!
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WaPo Writer: "Santorum is Running Again"

elvis18 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 4:56 PM
"walker included HAVE NOT turned around......"
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