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Ha! This is going to be so much fun for the NRA to sit and squirm knowing that they are now in the minority on this issue. Everyone who wants to have guns. . .has dozens. . .yet US women support gun control two to one. .. and remember how they voted in the last election?
As was said on Bill O last night. . the assault weapons are being purchased to "protect gun owners from the government." Huh? How paranoid are these people?! These people would be crushed by our military during their angry insurrection. Maybe it's time for the far right "I still dont' have enough guns" to put up or shut up and actually bring it. Come on big talkers. It'd be great.
Kurt, you are a crack up. The GOP HAS committed suicide by goiing all in to the far right. Voters got frosted and voted Democrat. Simple. And if the GOP doesn't capitulate until January, they'll be blamed again! How stupid are they? Oops.
Hey, Michelle, why is it millionaire Ed Asner has no problem having his taxes increase 3% while you go kicking and screaming?=-)
If Ann Coulter can figure this out, why can't the GOP. Put everything on the table: SS, Medicare/Medicaid, defense spending, unsustainable military pensions that shouldn't be taken until 60 years old, raise taxes on the wealthy as Warren Buffett has said. . .revisit Simpson Bowles and get it done. In my opinion, the GOP will say NO until the eleventh hour. . then acquiesce.
Put everything on the table: SS, Medicare/Medicaid, defense spending, change unsustainable military pension collections to 60 like other industries. .ban all earmarks, raise marginal tax increase for the top 1%. What is so hard about this?
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Legalize Insider Trading

Elucidated1 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 10:16 AM
Good point. Legalize insider trading so the "insiders" like hedge fund mgr. . .Congressmen and the good ol' boys can get richer while the rest of us flatline. Nice, Stossel... but right now you can count people who get caught on one hand.
And Allen West. . .gets his a$4 kicked. Priceless. I guess words DO have meaning.
I still want to hear what Reince Priebus is saying now.
I still find the articles of election surprise on Breitbart and here humorous. To ignore the issues of every group other than the fiercely defended top 1%. . . was a huge mistake. And though Charles K insists nothing needs changing to the GOP platform is completely out of touch. Just watch as NV, CO, NM, VA go completely blue as Texas and Arizona turn purple by 2020. . and you can see the handwriting on the wall.
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