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Barack Obama has been called the N word hundreds of times on this very site, along with Fox, Breitbart, etc. Everyone has seen it. Your attempt to demonize anyone who disagrees with you is silly. "Hate America?" You seem desperate as the Political Destruction of the GOP continues. In power for 240 years but now must share power wtih minorities and, gulp , women. May I suggest quote for you: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt
Isn't it fascinating that we see the exact same complaints and comments here day after day, driven by questionable "articles' and yet it never changes? That no one here seems to want to capitulate on ANY issue that is outside their conservative view? And the most compelling thought for me is that our country and the US Congress was created to build consensus and compromise.
Considering the last time the GOP had the support of latinos, it was for GWBush. Can they look at the immigration discussion in the GOP house to at least discuss solutions? Boehner won't even let it come up for discussion and latino groups are watching. Secondly, Darrell Issa did the Democrats a huge favor by not allowing a women to speak at an all male forum on female contraception. Then Akin, Mourdock and Rush chimed in. The result was the women's groups, blogs went ballistic. . .US women put Obama over the top in swing states, and they took out Akin, Mourdock and 30 major sponsors of Rush. One would have to be blind to not realize the gravity of Issa's stupidity. And here comes Hillary.
Really? Marxist? Anyone who says things you don't agree with is Marxist? That is hysterical. As a poster here, on Breitbart, Heritage and Fox, it is pretty easy to see who really defines our country by "division of race, ethinicity and gender" isn't it? I mean four years of "birthers, Kenya and then afterbirthers" made it very clear that the race of Obama IS driving the right wing personal hatred. Can you see it? And why have you not called out others here for abject bigotry, day after day? Oops. I guess that is not convenient, is it. So, let's play the game: Obama was elected TWO TO ONE by asians, jews, gays, blacks, latinos, single US women and the under 30 crowd. Will you figure out that to win, again, nationally, that you might need one of those groups in the swing states? Or will you stay blinded by the convenience and safety of staying with only angry, over fifty white right wingers. . desperate to keep the world as it was, instead of how it will be?
I think you did answer your own question. Considering the last two national elections, for the GOP to win, they are going to have to engage women and latinos or never win the Presidency again. Too many posters here seem to judge the political world by the articles here or their neighbors in the red states. But if we learned anything in the last election, it was that women put Obama over the top in PA, OH, WI, IA, VA, FL, CO, NV. And here comes Hillary.
You said: "Liberal Progressive 'Hatred' towards the United States is based in emotion and 'Driven by Evil." Who is going to believe that one? Your silly attempts to demonize anyone who doesn't agree with you certainly compromises your credibility.
Cornyn is right: Ted Cruz may play well with the far right crowd in red states, but if the GOP is going to make any political progress, they must engage US women and latinos or never win another national election in our lifetime. When a black man can will the Presidency TWICE, the handwriting is on the proverbial wall. Too bad many cannot read it.
I cannot wait until the Ted the cuban canadian Cruz/Chris the biggest loser Christie debates in the GOP primaries.
The angry innabilility for the Tea Party/far right conservatives to compromise on anything has become the best friend of the Democrats. At what point in time do they figure this out? Reagan would be a flaming liberal with the current conservative benchmark.
SInce most posters here are on Medicare and happy with it, here is one story from one family: Mine. Our son has seizures. He was denied health insurance in 2012 because of it. Do you have any idea what it is like to be around people with seizures? It has cost our family over $600 a month for lifesaving medication and treatment. On January 1, 2014, our son will be paying only $150 a month for his own health care, something that he can afford and get the medication in a timely way. You neve hear about these stories. . but there are millions of them out there. . .and they all want to be covered for emergencies and for treatment.
If the GOP cannot garner more than 33% of the latino vote in 2016, then Hillary is going to win in a walkover with US women and latinos putting her over the top.
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