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I'm now just shy of 60 years old. I've watch LBJ, Jimmy Cater, BH Obama and perhaps to a lesser degree Billy Clinton,do exactly the same things...TAX, SPEND, TAX SOME MORE. The biggest difference between Obama and Carter is that Obama is not satisfied with just taxing more...he continues to BORROW more and TAX MORE. Each time we have suffered as a nation economically from the expansions in government. Only in Bill Clinton's Administration (where the Republicans did their job to control spending) did the nation's economic outlook improve. Had it not been for restraint by the House, Bill would have over spent as well. The disaster in the making continues with a hunger of a roaring fire consuming everything that will burn.
Sylvester Turner and Sheila Jackson Lee...a couple of union-loving communist leading the entitlement masses of Houston. It is a shame and embarrassment to Houston, Texas and the nation at large. If anyone in her district is willing to make a serious run in the next election...post here.
So Planned Parenthood says that it does not use federal tax dollars to fund it millions of abortions each year...so it just uses it to attack the conservative politicians with taxpayer money...Now that's a great idea...NOT WITH MY MONEY. END ALL TAX PAYER FUNDING OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD!
Chris Matthews pretending to be a journalist is ARROGANT!
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Netanyahu Sets CNN Straight on Iran

Elton5 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 8:24 AM
If there was ever any sign of intelligent life in the Republican Party...it was proven false when they allowed (AGAIN) a bunch of Progressive hack yellow journalist to moderate the debates. What a sorry excuse for leadership!
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More Code Words: 'Dead' Means 'Black'

Elton5 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 8:19 AM
NO. Dead means dead. Black means black..And John Lewis means STUPID, racists black person.
Control the children, control the future...Let's see...who else thought this way? Oh, yeah...Adolf Hitler
Ester46...you dishonor netwits around the world by the comparison.
Napolitano's unilateral amnesty for 'Dream' illegal aliens now is amnesty for lawbreaking employers and for identity fraud Illegal aliens are sucking SSI/Welfare/job training systems dry...overloading our hospitals and prisons and schools... and this so-called servant of the people violates her oat of office and the the laws of land with complete disregard... She orders ICE (our border patrol) and local law enforcement to stand down, not to arrest illegal aliens as they illegally cross our borders, bringing in illegal drugs, sex slaves, and potentially terrorists... ENOUGH! DEMAND IMPEACHMENT! Try Napolitano for high crimes and misdemeanors. https://www.numbersusa.com/content/news/september-21-2012/uscis-clarifies-phonystolen-ssns-nee
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