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Democrat's "Bush Did It Too" Fan Page

Eloise19 Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 6:29 PM
The foregoing flourish of 6th grade insults makes me grateful for the internet where they can continue into eternity without using up any paper.
Because it makes them look stupid.
I agree. Roberts recognized a tax when he saw one. But somebody should call foul because it didn't originate in the House - is that the S. Ct.'s job? That is, can tthe Court throw out legislation that conforms to the Constitution but originated in the wrong place? Does it need a controversy before it in order to rule? Who could bring such a suit? The Speaker of the House? If the Court can just reach out and kill such legislation, they can kill Obama's pending Amnesty Act.
Yes! I am tired of keeping records and receipts and giving over hours and days of my life (rapidly growing shorter) to the government. Why do they need all this personal information about me? RID US OF THE IRS! Collect a national sales tax RIGHT AFTER THE IRS IS GONE! And not before, or they'll keep the IRS and tax us both ways.
Pointless and irrelevant describes it!
That would be the taxpayers in this case. "Loser pays" would deter a plain old citizen trying to oust a politician he didn't like, but what do democrats care? They got him out of office at taxpayer expense anyway.
Why DID DeLay resign? He was certainly more innocent, and more valuable, than Bill Clinton, or Eric Holder, or Lois Lerner. Those people can keep right on working amid a mighty flood of accusations - why did Tom DeLay quit on us?
The seven items allegedly required to be reported sound like a slavering sex maniac demanding all the sex stories he can get his hands on. I trust the rape of the black sorority has been reported.
Thanks for pointing out this almost-universal-mistake. I've suggested to Gutfeld that he do something about it, but he's ignored me. But…to beg the question is to give some answer that is not really an answer - that "begs" off answering the question.
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The 20 Best Quotes From Greg Gutfeld

Eloise19 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 4:20 PM
What?! Who? Please give me an example of what you're talking about.
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