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Nor, obviously, have they improved their admission criteria.
Well, I know an idiot when I can finally decipher his 4th grade grammar.
Make a pdf??? You can't even spell.
No, I think he's saying you're insane.
And he's still gonna win in November. Yeah, you're playin with a full deck.
Someone needs to put down the crack pipe, or the fifth of Baccardi, or both. No one asked you to enlist Buster, and I don't need you "defending" me from anybody, anywhere, and certainly not from Iraqis. Turn off FOX, go to bed and get the job you dodged when you dropped out of Jefferson and instead enlisted to "save" me.
I'd be screaming if West did that. But then I'd turn to FOX News to get an unbiased opinion about West's lack of a birth certificate, his Kenyan grandparents and his history of insanity.
I'm shocked. How's that Iraq thing workin' for ya?
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