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Why not ! They've taken everything else and if Obama stays in office, "KATY BAR THE DOORS", we will all go down the tubes. Time to bail out, ya think ?
Sounds to me like a weask effort from the Romney camp to discredit Nobama just prior to the elections. "NO" I'm neither Rep. or Dem. just an individual that is sick & tired of all the mud slinging between parties. ONE BIG JOKE..........................
Chuck, I agree with you 110%. His lies are what concern me in addiion to the socialism aspect of his behavior. I find most of his acts tyrany being masked by the office he holds. Not only is he at fault but the people that support him and advise him should also be held accountable. It has become very difficult to come to terms with the saying, "Being a proud American". We are the laughing stock of the world.
What is the point of all this rhetoric ? Things will not change and our elite that WE send to Washington will continue to rape & pillage by getting very wealthy and the rest of the country suffers ! Now I ask you , who is at fault ? We are, for allowing this to happen to ourselves. We put these clowns in office, then they thumb their noses at us and claim it as a right. You all use a bunch of $500.00 words to explain your frustration yet no one gets off their backside to do anything about the problem. WAKE UP AMERICA !
It's been a very long time since we met in the company of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong. Remember I was the guy that was supposed to play the bad guy in "Enter the Dragon". Anyway, I have followed you every step of the way since, and would like you to know you have my full support. Your commentary remarks are right on the money so please keep up the good work. I just wish I could express myself to the people of this great nation and be heard. Be well. Mike Ross
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