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I would totally agree with Nancy Pelosi...If I were a Communist...ACA is better than what Karl Marx could have envisioned...Oh...Sorry...He's not one of our founding fathers...Oh Well...Maybe Pelosi was thinking of good old Karl instead of Thomas Jefferson and or Benjamin Franklin, and or those who signed the Declaration of Independence which gave way to our US Consitution...Maybe she was just a little bit confused about whom she was talking about!
Agree...And that goes for his staff as well...Least we not forget one of Obama's earlier staff members Van Jones who is a self avowed Communist...Like the other staffers Jones never held a meaniful job either...Other than being a rabble rouser...Similar to our President who was a community organizer adapt at giving rousing speeches!
It is hard to comprehend but it is true what Romney said in that 47% of the people wouldn't vote for him anyway...That is a sign of how decadent this country has become...As long as the 47% isn't reguired to pay in any taxes...Get's welfare from one generation to the next...Free food stamps...Housing...Untilities...Cell phones... And the list of other free stuff goes on and on...These people will only vote for a Democratic canididate!
But...But...But...Time magazine did a great story on how Obama is a Christian...Never once mentioning that he is a Muslim or is engaged in a socialistic endeavor thumbing his nose at those Christian institutes who objected to the new laws stand on contraceptive and or abortion mandates built within the new system...Remember the first cover op on Obama with a halo around his head...The chosen one is upon us!
Microwave Communism is spreading in America...Under directive of the New World Order!
Who say's the rebels didn't set off some captured chemical weapons...Knowing full well the Syrian army would be blamed...And NATO would race to declare some air strikes...Calling for US missle's, bombs and rockets...Which like we delivered in Lybia while the rest of the NATO war machinery sat in their situation rooms clapping their hands as our fly boys took out Libya's military positions.
It was a Hate Crime...Pure and simple...But it won't go down that way...Hate crimes are reserved for white on black crimes like the media portraying that George Zimmerman was a WHITE hispanic and he was racially motivated when he shot Trayvon Martin because Martin's skin was a dark color...Possibly black...So much for the liberal News Media...Liars...Liars...Commie agitators evey one of them.... MSNBC...CNN...The Denver Commie Post...Time magazine, etc. etc.and the list goes on and on!
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Madonna Stands up for Gun Rights?

elmcqueen3 Wrote: Jun 23, 2013 6:20 PM
Mayor Bloomberg is a phoney...He doesn't want anyone to own a gun yet he has invited all the shoot em up movie stars to NYC to gun down everyone in the streets and blow NYC to smitherines...When asked why he condones gun violence in the movies and or especially as filmed in NYC...HIs lame reply was "Money"!...How can the people of NYC put up with the Big Gulp Mayor who is a phoney as a three dollar bill!
Congress doesn't want to rock the boat fears if they ever get a Republican as President the CommieCrats will come after him as well...As Obama has previously declared "Vengence" is the best tool against the numb and dumb American populace!
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