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Chris Christie for President?

ellykaye Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 6:16 PM
I have never seen Christie as leadership material, and after he slurped all over Obama, practically kissing his shoes, I have further doubted him. He is definitely not what I wish to represent the USA. Now, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, I might consider, because I don't think they would compromise their morals and principles for a perk. Until 2008, I was a staunch Democrat, but distrusted the democratic candidates, and especially Obamas slate . I distrust him even more with some of the shenanigans that have gone on with his "not knowing". He is our leader and should be informed on these types of things.
The BAD part is that the seniors who really need this help do not Qualify. It really makes me irate to follow someone buying the best of everything in the grocery, being dressed to the nines, nails done and perfectly coiffed hair, then follow them to the parking lot, and they will get into a BIG new truck or SUV. I buy the cheaper brands, generic, etc, and drive a 10 yr old Suv. And I have to pay taxes on my SS???? Where is the rationality? hey should have to pay taxes on the amount of assistance they get. Guess I just need to clai half my grandchildren and therefore qualify. NOPE Mom and Dad taught me better than. We provide for ourselves and our families.
For heaven's sake take out an advertisement. This is for comments on above article and has no place here. Go play in the traffic if you can't have an adult discussion.
Who elected you as monitor of how a person posts? I don't always post it "PC", and I am a professional woman having worked with the public for over 40 years. Read the meaning and let it go!!
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Obama Campaigns for McAuliffe

ellykaye Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 8:57 PM
Here we go again, he is out campaigning. That is what he does best. He sure does not do a good job "acting" as president. Of course what do we expect from a "Chicago Community organizer?
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Ann Coulter Versus Bill Maher

ellykaye Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 8:47 PM
Please Not Christie in 2016. OMG, God forbid. Should he get elected, we would have to triple reinforce our furniture in the White House cause his weight would damage it. I am NOT biased to the Obese people as I have a morbidly obese daughter in law whom I love very much. My biggest concern with her is her health. Go Rand Paul!!!
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Incest and Pedophilia, the New Frontier

ellykaye Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 7:11 PM
Incest---Nobody gets hurt???? Bullcrap. Parents, siblings, other relatives who live in a culture with morals get devastatingly hurt. The whole family is damaged. Incest is WRONG I don't give a damn who happens to be involved.
This truly demonstrates how far from our moral upbringings this nation has strayed. I don't treat a Lesbian or a Gay o someone with different sexual preferences than mine, I do ask them to leave that at the door if they are visiting my house. Keep your lifestyles out of my house. Live and let live, just don't force me to believe in it. which is what our present administration is doing!!!
This is the biggest "income" scam of all. Drug addiction, alcoholism, mood disorders, bi-polar, leg pain, arm pain, etc. Seeing someone who has such debilitating back pain, ad being denied benefits, because doctors did not want to get "involved" These shyster lawyers get at lease 1/3 o the retro payments, which can be substantial. Also how many prisoners are also also doing this? Payment for crime?? I definitely want someone who truly needs this benefit to GET it, but not those not deserving it. Just another excuse not to work. Someone who is blind in one eye does not qualify, but a fake mental condition does? Where is there fairness in this? I worked for 40+ years, and retired wit a good retirement plan and a decent SS. BUT I paid into the system. Illegal aliens also drawing a monthly check, riding around in a BIG truck/SUV using handicapped parking and no visible problems. This is a thorn in my side andI know both the truly deserving and those scamming the system.
Yes, drugs are dangerous, but it also is the thrill of doing some forbidden that many of youth of today seek. There are many drug users sitting in our jails who were posing no threat to anyone but themselves. The high roller drug pushers have the money to get off with a high powered lawyer, while the average young drug USER has to do time, with no chance of being released on bail or bail set too high for family to come up with. This war on drugs stinks, the law spends more time hunting the drug USER than they do hunting a missing child or trying to "catch a murderer. WHY???
And they are doing that with a smirk on their faces. Only blacks are allowed to be raciest. Crackers, honkies, whities and Albinos to name a few of what I have been called, and as a nurse, I cannot be raciest. One patient is like the other, regardless of their skin color they both deserve and get the same treatment.
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