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The USA and Congress have done things for Israel's security, Mr Obama takes credit for the acts of others and shifts blame from himself and his policies to others. There are many reasons for us to value Israel even if you exclude the value of the Holy Land to Jews and Christians. They are the most democratic and free country in the area - they are not perfect - utopia is not a choice - but they are committed to the same enlightenment values we are. They are a technological and scientific powerhouse with more products in computers, medicine and other fields like desalination and energy than most other countries large or small. Without Israel, those Palestinians who want to take over would end up like their friends in Gaza who tore down greenhouses the Israeli settlers left and now live mostly on handouts from guess who.
Among the things that they want to steal from us, they began with words. The term "liberal" used to mean something close to enlightenment values of our country's founders including limited government, free markets, and individual rights - its root was the word liberty. Progressive was used to indicate economic and technological progress - it was stolen also. Both these words have been stolen over a hundred year period. There is a reason - without a term to easily designate a idea it is harder to make an argument and to get and keep attention from the average listener or reader. For the same reason, try to distinguish cronyism from capitalism. Cronyism is more readily adapted by a system that uses force to institute and fund their dictates than in a system that requires that it operates efficiently and satisfies customers to make a profit or it ends with losses and is eliminated. Let's be fair about pro-choice - anti-abortion is not pro-life. That particular fight was started with the other side. No one is pro-abortion, some of us would like it better if abortions were not necessary but it should be the decision of the woman and her medical and spiritual advisors not of some governmental official. And pro-choice is not pro-infanticide it is a disagreement about when the fetus is an infant.
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God Bless the Conservative Warriors

Ellen_L Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 8:53 AM
Bravo! keep stating the facts, we need the fresh air to clear the smoke screen the administration is always blowing at us. We also need to be reminded that the most consistent debater is the one who wins - giving in to lies and what parades as "good" intentions but uses the means of coercion and fraud will bring us nothing but bad results.
And principles of economics. We can live with persons who hold other ideologies. As long as we do not attack each other, we have the right to think incorrectly and live with the consequences. However, when people who have the use of force - government - regulation and taxation have bad ideas especially of bad methods in economics they harm themselves and us too. It would help if they just learned to not spend what they do not have and that not no one can afford to solve all the problems of the world. Scarcity exists and always will. They could go on from there since there are errors galore in their thinking - like that adding to the money supply (the actual meaning of inflation) will increase prosperity rather than dilute the value of money harming those who can least afford it - the poor and those living on savings. The reporter already talked of many of his errors about the constitution and congress.
Many years ago I tried that in desperation, I ended up paying more on the cash loan that was the last to be credited after everything else was paid off. It cost me much more than the principle in interest. Bad game. Don't do it. As for Obama he is worse than clueless, he is working from bad premises that lead him to wrong and worse conclusions. He believes his wrong answers and too many of the rest of us do not know any better. It takes more than being a mere spectator to learn complex situations involved in human action, it takes wisdom and some basic smarts gained over time usually from learning from others. Listen carefully and don't believe anything just because someone says so. Look for the reasoning behind the comments.
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Near-Record 20% of Americans Struggling

Ellen_L Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 9:00 AM
You left out the cost of all the regulations that have been added. They cost more than one might think and make many enterprises either illegal or too expensive. This decreases the wealth of the country and thus raises prices of what is available. What is needed is an understanding of economics that has been either ignored or denied. A return to individualism and liberty along with prosperity would be gained by appreciating economic knowledge. I recommend the Ludwig von Mises Institute available on line with articles and reasonably priced books.
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