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Workplace violence..according to the Obama explanation for terrorist acts.
I agree with everything you said. Republicans should be about free speech. The Democratic party stifles free speech. Have you noticed how they all seem to use the same words and phrases, like they're reading from the same daily notes telling them what they can say. Even the media seems to us the same notes.
Judge Andrew Napolitano would make the perfect Attorney General. He knows the Constitution backward and forward. He would bring the United States back to being the wonderful country it was before these weasels turned it into a bankrupt, third class nation.
As I see it, the bikes cost over $6,000 each. Pretty expensive bikes. Is Citibank paying for insurance or does that bill go to the taxpayers? I never saw a tax that Democrats didn't love. They like to change the name, thinking that we don't notice, but it's still a tax. All those celebrities have tax accounts so they don't have to pay the taxes we do.
They are being taught by morons. The term university should be changed to day care. Are there no more intelligent adults running universities these days?
When was the last time the Obama administration worked on behalf of tax paying, United States of America citizens? Their disdain and hatred for patriots who love their country is obvious. They punish anything pro American and reward anything Socialist.
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Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

Ellen152 Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 10:33 AM
What they're really saying is that the poor and minorities are too lazy and stupid to carry an ID to the voting booth. I'd sue the heck out of those Democrats with an attitude like that. We've been using ID's for as long as I can remember, and nobody thinks it inconveniences any legitimate voter. Notice I said no "legitimate" voter. The Dems can't win an election if only those with an ID vote.
I'm old enough to remember the Hitler Youth Groups. They were sent to government schools to be brain washed and then they spied on their friends and families. Some even turned their own parents in to the SS to be killed. It was an awful time in history. You are correct in that it seems like history repeating itself....only now it's in the USA.
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