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Chicago Teachers Vote to Strike; 16% Raise Over 4 Years Not Enough

Ellen152 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 7:51 AM
Someone should ask the strikers if they send their children to public schools or to private schools. If public schools are too bad for their own children, then the teachers are the problem and don't deserve a raise. If they are afraid to be evaluated they don't belong in a classroom. Time to put education before indoctrination. We need good teachers, not good strikers.

The average teacher in Chicago makes $76,000 a year for nine months of work. They were offered 16% salary increase spread over four years. Given the system has a $665 million deficit this year and a bigger one next year, I am wondering why there should be a raise at all.

Nonetheless, the New York Times reports With No Contract Deal by Deadline in Chicago, Teachers Will Strike.

“We do not want a strike,” David J. Vitale,...

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