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Maybe Rove Has a Point

elko-mike Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 12:11 AM
What has the Republican Party gained if it knocks out a "kooky" conservative in favor of a big-government candidate? Big government Republicans had a not insignificant hand in the current fiscal mess that we find ourselves in. Thus it might be observed that "kooky" conservative candidates did knock off, in many cases, RINOs from races. Thus RINOs have been eliminated and even though the race was lost, that doesn't mean that the conservative cause was worse off.
elko-mike Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 12:14 AM
Having participated in the Angle Campaign in Nevada, I can say that there are a number of mitigating circumstances. We should first observe that she was outspent many times over by establishment RINO Republicans. Sharron excited the grass roots base and brought them to the polls. So we may have lost the Senate race, but she did help the down ballot candidates. In addition Democrats pulled in resources to save Reid's hide, which may have helped win Senate and House races in close states.
Worst of all, Sharron was denied party help when she needed it the most. There is a very good case to be made that the national Republican Party owns most of the blame for that result.
Let's put ideology aside for a moment.

Karl Rove, architect of the George W. Bush-era Republican victories, says he's sick of fanatics running his party into the ground. So he's devised a strategy to pre-emptively sink unelectable candidates early in the process. He's formed a new super PAC to implement this strategy. It's called the Conservative Victory Project, and it's led by a guy named Steven Law, who was the head of another super PAC, called American Crossroads, which went something like 0-7 in the 2012 election cycle. (Not that anyone's counting.)

Grass-roots conservatives, needless to say, are quite perturbed. "I'm filing the...

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