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Here We Go: Ted Cruz Revs 2016 Engine

elko-mike Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 2:51 PM
A novel thought for the political chattering class: What if the Founding Fathers really did get it right? That would mean that the best hope for the GOP, who will never win a bidding war with Democrats, is to find a candidate who believes this and can string 2 or 3 coherent sentences together. Demographics? The political chattering class would have candidates chase the polls. Here's another novel thought, what if a candidate actually changed the polls? That would be leadership, which is what America is hungry for. Cruz has it right. This time let's try an articulate, conservative leader for the top of the ticket instead of a jellyfish, establishment Republican.
"Instead of using the tax code as a tool for social engineering, conservatives should be looking to end as many tax credit programs as popular", suspect this meant possible. This is exactly right. Taxes exist to raise revenue for the operations of government, period. A byzantine tax code benefits only those with the money to hire an army of lawyers and accountants -- the rich. In some ways worse, a byzantine tax code hides the price of government from its citizens. Who among us knows how much money they are spending for government? I'm not talking about income tax; I'm talking about all the taxes paid. Then paying taxes should be simple. It is not. According to a study by Art Laffer, it costs the economy around (forget exact number) $350 billion per year to pay their taxes. That is almost 25% of the revenue collected. Ridiculous. Then we have IRS abuses, which will stop only when the IRS is abolished. Lastly the tax code is a large part of the power base of politicians because it gives them the ability to grant favors. So indeed let's simplify this entire mess and get to one tax type that is easily paid and hard to cheat. It will be an economic shot in the arm for the nation.
Yep. The definition of a RINO -- one who believes big government is OK as long as Republicans are in charge.
When you are fighting a war, bomb throwing is a useful skill.
Spend some time in working the phone banks and you won't see squishy Republicans -- these people are conservatives, hardcore. Insult them and your GOTV effort will go thud. Beyond that, the GOP comes right out of the gate, after the base gave them a historic victory, talking about tax increases. That's not going to be helpful for capturing the WH in 2016 either.
Questions the MSM will never ask. Who are these middle class? What are the economic theories underpinning your policy proposals? If Democrats know how to create a shared prosperity, why haven't they done it under Obama? How will citizens know that your policies are working for these middle class? When will you provide timelines and benchmarks for the economic improvements that you propose?
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France Deserves Better Friends

elko-mike Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 12:09 PM
Kerry should have taken the Dixie Chicks to play Loving Arms. Viva Le Hug.
Predicable. If JellfishGOP doesn't fund Obama's unconstitutional, their words, executive amnesty the terrorists will come. Wait ... didn't the terrorists come before Obama's unconstitutional amnesty? Isn't the wide open border a welcome mat (er prayer rug) for terrorists to come across and have tea?
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The Conservative Catharsis

elko-mike Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 10:07 PM
Jeb Bush IS another big government Republican who greatly expanded the size of government in his state. "The state budget ballooned by 52 percent, from $48.6 billion in 1999 to $73.9 billion in 2006, though much of the growth was attributable to the hot real estate market and post-hurricane rebuilding."
"Power of the purse" means the House, and only the House, initiates spending bills. The Republican's have no fangs to defund anything because they fear a government shutdown more than almost any fate. With that being the case, Obama can veto spending bills he doesn't like and the cowards of the Republican Party will have no choice but restore the funding Obama wants. In short the Republicans have unilaterally disarmed.
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Fate and the End of an Era

elko-mike Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 10:55 AM
"Let us first say without equivocation: Jeb Bush was a great governor of Florida and would have made a great president." Then permit me to equivocate, as whether or note one makes this determination depends upon the metrics. My first metric when evaluating a Republican governor is what happened with the spending in the state during their term. Jeb fails the test as the size of government grew a whopping 54% while he was in charge. That's the record of a RINO in my view. Now Jeb casts himself as an education guy, and pushes Common Core. While governor of Florida, the education results for the students in his state were near the bottom. That is not the record of a good governor, nor is it the record of someone I want to see for president.
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