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Favors and Loot for Sale

elko-mike Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:47 AM
One thought is to constrain Congress from passing laws that favor segments. Better would be to make Washington irrelevant in the lives of Americans. The Founders federal government consumed less than 5% of GDP; the current federal government consumes 25% of GDP and then takes more from the economy with regulations and mandates. The second thing to do is to eliminate the IRS and get to one single tax. Better still would be to make the states the tax collectors and let them fund Washington. Do those things and Washington will be irrelevant.
The abuse will stop when the IRS is abolished.
The Golfer in Chief tells us that deportations are up. Unless he's cooking the books or lying, things he would never do, there is something wrong with these statistics.
If the orders given by Obama, Panetta, and Clinton (that pesky transparency thing) that night were released much of the fog surrounding stand down would be removed.
But that is the argument, including the attack on religious liberties. For if no Creator exists then that can't be the source of rights, leaving only the government to do so. When government "grants" a right, it also must provision for it. When citizens have a "right" to a decent meal then there shall be Food Stamps. When citizens have a "right" to decent housing, there shall be projects. When citizens have a "right" to a living wage, their shall be minimum wages. When citizens have a "right" to dignity in their old age, there shall be Social Security. AND when government grants rights it can take them away. That was one of the great insights of the Founders and the reason they embraced Natural Rights as a means to keep government limited.
Speech is free unless the bureaucrats don't like it.
Guy writes, "but that would make you a conspiratorial paranoiac, according to the administration. " Don't forget racist.
A causal connection, conclusively assert? What in Hades does that mean? The charge was veterans died while awaiting for an appointment. That is a true statement, and the OIG is equivocating. Mealy mouthed words mean a whitewash.
Especially this jerk. Put the lumbar too him in a public hearing, impeach him, and let the Democrats mount a defense if they care to do it.
er, records can be retrieved ... sorry.
For a number of years I worked as a systems programmer and routinely recovered all sorts of data from backup tapes. Those records can be retired and it won't be that difficult. It may take a bit of time depending upon the quantity of backup tapes that must be searched. This is more baloney from the IRS. One wonders when the GOP is going to adopt a platform plank to abolish the IRS. Let the Democrats try to defend all of this.
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