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AC: "Maybe we should give them the vote, too!" Do you know for sure we haven't?
Fascinating. Hillary could point to the fact that the Democrats favorability was at a peak when Bill left office, as an argument (of sorts) for her candidacy.
AND Obama will submit the nomination to the Senate during the Lame Duck so that Reid can jam him through. Republicans do own some blame. They've taken impeachment and government shutdown (as Obama has taken boots on the ground in the ME) off the table, which leaves them without a tool to stop a lawless president.
Compelling but it misses a little bit. In this election the most important outcome for conservatives is to replace Reid. The most. Conservative Kansans, as you suggest, should hold their noses and vote for Robertson. On the other hand the RINO establishment should not assume they have conservatives in their pocket. In an election where a seat or two won't put the Democrats in charge conservatives should throw a RINO under the bus to let the establishment know that we demand better candidates.
The Wendy Davis Standard is Greg Abbot won his lawsuit but denies others the same right and therefore he is a bad person. The mother of Wendy Davis chose life for her instead of an abortion. Wendy Davis would deny other unborn children the same thing she received, and I guess by her standards that makes her a bad person.
As a reminder of how different Republicans, like McConnell, are from Democrats I offer into evidence the fact that Democrats are for wealth transfers and entitlement programs and Republicans are against them. Wait. Republicans rammed through and extremely expensive entitlement program with Medicare Part D when they had the Congress under George W. Bush. McConnell -- the staunch conservative if Hugh is to be believed -- voted for this turkey. When is the Republican Party going to own up to their liberal streak and what are they going to do to convince good conservatives they can control it? The GOP has deservedly lost the trust of conservative voters who have a few memory cells. Telling us to vote for Republicans, who vote like Democrats, to stop Democrats is no longer good enough.
I know veterans who drive over 400 miles, round trip, (still) to see doctors. On what grounds do these loons think their drive to an abortion clinic is unconstitutional? Folks it is a long, long way between towns in the west. Suck it up if you want to kill a baby.
I don't know. FBI is a creative bunch and a finding of an industrial accident wouldn't surprise me.
Talking heads keep talking about the many ways, besides a porous border, that terrorists can come into the US. The point missed is what they bring with them. Besides disease and knives, other items might be Stinger Missiles, anthrax, or dirty bomb nuclear material.
What do we get if Republicans win the Senates? Recall that Republicans gave W a Congress. In return, Republicans gave its base a new entitlement and the greatest growth in government until Obama. The historical record doesn't support Hunter's narrative.
If skeet shooting is a qualification for the Senate then shooting, dressing, and cooking moose should be a qualification for president.
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