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to me that proves he was not brought up in this country along will all his mistakes, about the usa
thats where we should send him
no, I haven't but I guess there were different drafts, but the final one includes God and so it does on the statue, so jerko only had to read it there to know what it said in the final analysis
hopefully this guy will be the death of the democratic party, we can only pray it does. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world, God is in control and don't you ever forget it
I will not nor ever will call him the president
i can't even call them reporters, Reporters in my day were objective and reported the news not there opinions
pretty stupid if you ask me, a man who claims to be an expert on the constitution, and can't even know how many states there are, and doesn't even know which gulf the canal is on, I don't think he is very smart, but liar yes he is a habitual liar and stupid to boot
there was no republican that voted to have obamacare, it was done all by the democrats, the only people that would want a stupid law like this is the ones that get free care
to bad we can't force him to use his own health care system, I am so sick of seeing and hearing this lying person.
he surrounds himself with people that think like he does, from people that hate Americans
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