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Henry VIII & Birdman III: It is so very sad that Barry's incompetent perfor- mance will be forever enshrined in history as the hallmark of the 1st Black Presidency.
weedwam: The entire state of CA is so close to implosion now, that it is only a matter of time . . .
CompCon: What's even more telling is when the Lap Dog Media seize on any whiff of a scandal & do not report the political affiliation, because then we all know for a certainty that the politician involved is a DEMOCRAT! LOL
Birdman: Amen! It could have been anyone like: LTC Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott, even Condoleezza Rice would have preferable to little, limp- wrist, panzy arze, whining, incompetent Barry the clueless, 'leading' us all in the manner of an "Ineptocracy".
Henry VIII & CompCon: Nope, that pretty much covers her entire repertoire, which is VERY limited in scope & content.
RiffRaff: We do need to let our voices be heard by those whom ostensibly represent us in Congress--we cannot just assume they will do the 'right thing' & abide by the 'will of the people'. They need to hear from us specifically.
Rebel: Obama does bear a rather striking resemblance to that spoiled, petulant child on the playground who is wont to break into hysterics &/or a major temper tantrum each time he is thwarted in anything at all.
Henry VIII: An excellent example, if I do say so myself. I too have heard their little 'lectures' & droning monologues--most of which extol the 'virtues' of Socialism/ Marxism/Communism & preach of 'income redistribution' as they rage against 'corporatism'--all while they sip their fancy latte's & own every single modern gadget purchased at a major retailer. How very original of them.
Correction: " . . . even those of us who are not huge Christie supporter &/or fans of his." Oops-sorry.
Georgetwin: How very appropriate!! After the almost non-stop coverage of every single breathless report on the 'Bridgegate scandal' & now we learn that there was NO wrongdoing, which we had all suspected--even those of us who are not huge Christie supporters &/or fans of him. Now we also learn that another hypocritical, self-righteous Dem is guilty of crimes which he projected onto others who were only practicing their 2nd Amendment rights in a responsible, law-abiding fashion . . .
Once again, little Barry proves that he learned nothing in school, despite having a very expensive education, at some of the nation's 'top' schools, being provided for him basically at no cost to himself. This speaks volumes regarding the depth of little Barry's knowledge of the US Constitution, which he swore to uphold & defend against all enemies foreign & DOMESTIC, doesn't it?
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