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Birdman: No great loss there--her absence raises the overall IQ level.
Quintus: Judging by the arrogance displayed by the Obamanation, he clearly believes that he already holds all those titles . . .
deleeuw: Once the GOP (hopefully minus all the spineless RINO's) hold a majority in both the House & the Senate, they can simply pass legislation that nullifies Barry's epic failures & little Barry won't be able to write a veto that can override the Senate.
RiffRaff: You are so very correct in that assertion. We do need to contact them, both by phone & email on a regular basis. Also, it is best to keep trying until one reaches an actual person at their pol office, so that a personal message can be delivered. Of course, this is best accomplished by being courteous & concise in any interaction &/or conversation.
AmyDB: Few do it as well, LOL!! Good afternoon, to you, Lady!
All the while various govt entities argue over the semantics of the whole 'immigration issue', our southern border remains a lawless, chaotic & porous area, open to those nefarious forces that seek to do us harm--not just the Mexican drug cartel operatives, but also those whose money might open up avenues by which to deliver any sort of evil into our midst.
Birdman III: The Lap Dog Media is doing everything in their power, IMHO, to promote him as such.
joQQeb: That is the default position of the Left, because they are incapable of ruling in any other fashion. The glaring inconsistencies, numerous failings & disparities evident in their ideology makes the type of performance you referenced an inevitable & foregone conclusion.
Lodeass does represent the heart & soul of the Left which is comprised of the intellectually challenged & morally bereft.
Henry VIII & Birdman III: It is so very sad that Barry's incompetent perfor- mance will be forever enshrined in history as the hallmark of the 1st Black Presidency.
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