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Is it simply a coincidence that both Clinton & Obama are barred from practicing law?
You are opposed to entrepreneurial endeavors?
That is most likely due to the fact that Chicago has been ruled by democrats for more than 75 years.
Carlos: There's actually a string of corpses literally following the Clinton duo from their tenure in the gubernatorial mansion in Arkansas all the way into the WH & beyond. It's as if they were organized crime bosses operating a sophisticated crime syndicate!
Manny: Many have suggested that gun running to the Syrian rebels via an 'off the books' mission in Libya, as that was considered something of neutral territory for our govt people to meet with these terrorist operatives without drawing undue at- tention to either their presence or their ostensible mission. It will take, IMHO, a full out investigation with subpoenas all around, including to the POTUS, his Chief of Staff, his Senior Adviser, the former Sec of State & all the top Military brass at the time to get to the bottom of the issue. If the Republicans had control of the Senate as well as the House, such an investigation would have already commenced by now.
Amy: Were we able to win a majority in both the House & the Senate without the presence of any RINO's, much of the damage done by the Obamanation & any future attempts by him might be forestalled &/or halted altogether.
Marc: Wasn't Mayor Nagel also recently indicted on criminal charges of corruption in office? I seem to recall reading something recently?
AmyDB: Still struggling with some major medical issues, but other than that, things are as well as can be expected, given the current trajectory of our nation . . . How are things for you & yours? Well, I do hope.
John, Birdman & AmyDB: We need to rid Congress of ALL RINO's.
Birdman: No great loss there--her absence raises the overall IQ level.
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