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The Smoking Gun of the Benghazi Cover-up

Elisabeth26 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 12:10 PM
If, heaven forfend, Obama is re-elected, I believe he should be impeached and tried for dereliction of duty and removed as president. Biden can join him. Hillary will step down or be removed. This should be the worst-case scenario. Best case: Romney wins. The Benghazi mess is completely opened up and shared with the American public. Obama retires to Hawaii and is never heard from again.
Lost1Eagle Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 12:59 PM
you mean Obama Retire to Kenya or better yet Guantanamo to serve a life sentence for treason.
Hawaii is to nice. it would ruin the Atmosphere.
Doug5049 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 2:34 PM
If Hawaii rolls out the red carpet for that lowlife, they'll never get any of my tourist dollars again.
On June 6 of this year, a bomb planted at the U.S. compound in Benghazi ripped a 12-foot-wide hole in the outer wall.

On June 11, the British ambassador's motorcade was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, wounding a medic and doctor. The next day, the ambassador was gone and the British Benghazi post was closed.

At the same time, the Red Cross, after a second attack, shut down and fled the city.

"When that occurred," says Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, who headed the military security team in Tripoli, "we were the last flag flying in Benghazi; we were the last thing...