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History Lesson: Under Fascist Bush, Democrats Feared Tyranny

Elisabeth26 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 11:44 AM
Think Eisenhower. Bush, too, I hope will someday be remembered for lifting Americans' spirits after 9/11 and having a steady hand on the tiller of state when most we needed a steady hand. He unflinchingly took the bad press (unlike Obama's petulant response to Fox, et al.) and stayed true to the course he plotted. And when he was done -- he retired to a quiet, unassuming life at home and was not much in the public eye to distract from the business of the country (unlike Clinton, et al.).

Once upon a time, a group of people known as the "Democrats" expressed great fear of tyranny by government.This was a time long, long ago, when a man from a place called Texas, representing a people known as the Republicans, occupied the White House. Leaders of the Democrats feared tyranny by the Republicans and called the man from Texas racist, oppressive and tyrannical.

To refresh your recollection, we offer a few examples from the distant past:

Billionaire Democratic contributor George Soros. He said the George W. Bush White House displayed the "supremacist ideology of Nazi Germany" and that Bush's administration...