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Jimmy Carter once stated he was proud of his record and hoped that Obama could be as successful. We think he's crazy but, he was referring to the gift of the Dept of Energy and Education he gave us. The building of big government. Everytime a Democrat is in office, we get a dept of this or that. So, in Obama's Marxist mind, it has worked. They got what they needed to take complete control of our lives. Healthcare was the closer. He needs more time for cap and trade. There is more work to be done. He isn't lying or delusional....he's done his job so far.
Since the killer thinks he is the Joker, why not ban movies? Or Batman? Or, the Joker? Comic books? Red hair dye? Will someone shut this guy up already??!!
I imagine their dozens of viewers agree with her
Jimmy Carter is happy with the job he did because of the big programs he implemented while in office. Should we be surprised she is 'pretty happy' with the job numbers? She would be 'really happy' if they were worse. Goal not achieved quite yet
It's no wonder she calls this faux outrage. The left is so used to us being silent they don't know what to do with themselves. We aren't silent anymore and they are feeling it.
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