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It was rammed through illegally and it will be removed legally.
It would be nice if they could recount the presidential votes while they are at it.
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Twisting the Internal Polling Knife

Elisa12 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:20 PM
split the country indeed. when they whine and claw to get back in, we'll have the guns.
Throwing away their peas? We're going to have to assign a government official to school lunch rooms across the nation to stop this from happening. You will eat your peas!!
do you notice it now that you know its there? ;-)
I have no idea where you came up with that Carol. just a complaint about the music nothing else. Its horrible and a distraction from the message. I've been cranky since 08 when these dipshits elected him. Read someones posts more carefully huh
I love the message but the music is sappy and a distraction. I know its a minor gripe on my part but, this is real life we don't need a sound track.
when you come up from mom and dads basement, how is the economy up here?
Executive Order......hold the election today
Jimmy Carter once stated he was proud of his record and hoped that Obama could be as successful. We think he's crazy but, he was referring to the gift of the Dept of Energy and Education he gave us. The building of big government. Everytime a Democrat is in office, we get a dept of this or that. So, in Obama's Marxist mind, it has worked. They got what they needed to take complete control of our lives. Healthcare was the closer. He needs more time for cap and trade. There is more work to be done. He isn't lying or delusional....he's done his job so far.
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