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Those Pesky Mayans

ElihuE Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 11:12 AM
Yeah, and today at 12:12:12, all the planets will allign perfectly (for the first time in history) and we will all cease to be...Now don't ask me in what time zone that alignment must occur).

If you've been awake for anything more than 13 minutes, some toothy, giggly anchor dressed in a sleeveless dress on your local news channel has already told you that today is 12-12-12 and he then added that the next time there can be three numbers the same in a date will be January 1, 2101.

Of course, there won't BE an 01-01-01 because why? Because the end of days is 12-21-12 which is almost a palindrome.

More to the point, it is also my 66th birthday.

Why is that meaningful? Because under current law (and until the...