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On the Road to Greece?

El Guapo 505 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:10 PM
Now with Obamacare, everyone will soon be on the dole. Based on Paul Ryan’s mortality table, the U.S. economy will flat line sometime in the next 20 to 30 years. What’s amazing is that Americans, with good reason, always complain that politicians never look long term - that politicians only look towards the next election. Well, here we had one side saying, “Here’s a long term solution to head off an economic disaster and put the country on firm fiscal footing for the long hall”, and the other side saying, “we have no plan (nothing to see here folks, ignore that $100 trillion unfunded liability – just move along)”, and the latter won. Obviously, a majority just don’t give a damn.

One thing this election has made crystal clear is that we are becoming a society of dependence, rejecting the traditional American dream and drive for success in favor of collecting disability, welfare, and other government provided benefits. Democrats have been capitalizing on this shift while Republicans take on the impossible task of attempting to explain to the dependents that all of the hand outs are unsustainable and harmful. Unfortunately, like trying to take away candy from a spoiled child through reason, our efforts have been unsuccessful.

To see where the dependence culture leads, Republicans only have to point to...