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The Dirty Little Secret of 2012

elevesque Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 12:30 PM
IT IS about Elections. LEgal Elections. When you have fraudulent voting machines tallying up 4 million votes for Obama in Ohio it is about Elections. When you have illegal aliens in Ohio (Somalians) showing up to vote and NO one stops them it is about elections. When you have millions of illegal aliens voting it is about elections. When you have tampering with votes, ballots, machines, and all of the above it is about elections. When you suppress the Military Votes it is about elections. This election was patently FRAUDULENT! Principles will not matter if your vote is not counted. Ours were not counted. Literally! People in OHio showed up and were told "you already voted" and so on. the list is endless. go to:

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST.

To paraphrase the traditional Passover formulation honored in Jewish homes: why was this election different from all other elections? What makes 2012 stand out in recent political history, either as a temporary anomaly or a significant, long-term shift in the electorate?

The most striking change in the results this year involved a precipitous and alarming decline in voter participation, a drop-off that stemmed from a deliberate strategy by the Obama campaign and almost certainly provided the president with his margin of victory. Meanwhile, much of the conventional wisdom about...