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As a former teacher (who was not a union member) I'm very upset with Obama. I have many friends, who are not union members, who are out of work and feel that Obama doesn't care about them because they are not union workers. When has he ever cared for workers who are not union members? How about never.
Sorry troll... we will not be turning any cheeks anymore. This is a fight to the finish for this country and we're tired of doing things your way. We need Allen West and men like him to help us fix the damage done by people like you... we've had enough!
Name one (1) thing Obama been "brave" about. Don't try that Osama stuff. The seals were the Brave ones there.
ARE all women... if you're going to ask a stupid question phrase it properly
This Country is in deep trouble right now and these Bozos are worried about killing more babies. We don't care about birth control... we're worried about feeding our families. We need more jobs!
I just bought another gun and a lot of bullets... just in case.
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Hillary: Blame Me For Benghazi

eleanornjim Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 11:11 AM
Is anything Obamas fault? He's still blaming Bush and now he has Hillery and Rice taking all the hits for him on the Benghazi lies.
Schultz must think he matters. He does not.
I see that you are clearly stupid.
We conservative want to stop all of this spending. We were against Bush's spending too. We are conservatives... not republicans!
I'm a senior in FL. I would rather have no insurance then Obamacare. At least I would have a better chance of living deciding what my care will be then having a government goon deciding whether or not I'm allowed to live.
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