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Fire all of them... Abolish the IRS!
Muslims show no respect for anything or anyone but, demand respect for us. It's time to throw the bums out!
Does this man know that the Military consists of our family members and we honor and pray for them everyday? I guess not because, the people he surrounds himself with don't have family members in the service... progressives and commies don't volunteer for the service.
Obama said it out loud for everyone to hear... "We will punish our enemies"... and he did. He's Guilty!
Whose tired of hearing... "We need more money for education"... raise your hand
Obviously you have no sense of humor.
Someone who thinks he/she has to explain this... is dumber then a rock.
What if it was someone in your family that had been killed? Would you think it was a waste of time to find out what happened to your family member?
Bush knew and wouldn't tell us.
Gays do have equal protection of the law... they have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex, just like the rest of us.
What about we the tax paying Americans getting some Amnesty from all the taxes we pay to support these non-Americans. Don't we deserve civil rights too?
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