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Talking Fiscal Cliff and GOP Fecklessness with the Instapundit

Eleanor32 Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 11:26 AM
If I am in debt and my spending it greater than my income I have to restrain my spending. I do that by putting in place a budget that will allow me to live within my means and pay off outstanding debt. Yes, I would prefer to keep on spending the way I had been spending, but that is only going to get me deeper in debt. My question (more than a little sarcasm here): Why should it take the Federal Government ten YEARS just get to a balanced budget for our country?

Unless the law is changed, big tax increases will be imposed on all taxpayers next year. This is the so-called fiscal cliff, and President Obama is using this unpalatable situation as an excuse to push for his class-warfare tax policy.

I talk about the political and economic ramification of this fight with Glenn Reynolds, author of the famous Instapundit blog.

As is my habit, there are a couple of points that deserve some elaboration.

  • Budget deals don’t work – I
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