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Obama's Empty Cabinet

Eleanor32 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 10:35 AM
Unfortunately, that also describes a good portion of the people who re-elected Obama. If you took a poll of Obama voters as to what they watch on TV I am willing to bet that "reality" TV (as though there is anything approaching reality on those programs), Dancing With The Stars, and other programs like those would be high on the list of what programs they watch. In other words, the least educated as to what is going on in our government get the same say as those of us who spend time learning about the issues.

Accomplished legislator. Effective, insightful administrator. Respected, bipartisan leader. Policy visionary. Nothing of the sort has been said of Chuck Hagel – or of President Obama’s other Cabinet nominees John Kerry (State) and Jack Lew (Treasury). When three so remarkably lackluster candidates are nominated for key posts, it is appropriate to ask, quoting A Mighty Wind, “What happened?”

One possible answer: the real Barack Obama finally stood up, and nominated stool pigeons to fill his Cabinet. No fair observer could have so characterized Bob Gates, or Lean Panetta, or even Hillary Clinton. Each had something resembling an achievement on his or...