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I enjoyed the article from top to bottom. Murray "won" over a far better candidate, Linda Smith, because too many people like "sound bites" rather than reality (see: "Hope and Change") The idiots who voted for "the Mom in tennis shoes" truly got what they deserved. Unfortunately, they keep re-electing her and those of us with a few brains suffer for it.
I am not optimistic for Republican future. When I read that the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia wasn't well supported with the help and money needed to beat his competitor I am discouraged. And then the RNC keeps pushing candidates like Dole, McCain and Romney (though I think Romney would have been a good leader in theses times of financial difficulty) I am discouraged. I can't get beyond the fact that any presidential candidate is facing an electorate that has been raised on television and will choose glitz and charisma over facts, except when those facts are presented in an inspiring (think Newt Gingrich) or entertaining way. Then there are the stupid "comic" videos the RNC has spent how much money producing? I watched some of them and instantly knew that no young person would EVER be enticed into voting Republican because of them -- but would most likely tell everyone about the stupid videos. I was actually embarassed by the videos because they were so bad. And the list can go on. The only way the Republicans can win is if Obama keeps kicking the people in the face, or the Republicans come together and instead of trashing one another, they talk up good points. All of the candidates naturally have flaws, but to emphasize them in internicine warfare with one another just gives the opposition fodder. Each candidate should be made to take a pledge to speak only well of one another. Then the onus is on them to display and emphasize their own talents and leadership ability. And I live in a fantasy world that any of this will happen.
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Does Washington Know Best?

Eleanor32 Wrote: Nov 13, 2013 6:06 PM
I have long maintained that, combined, the individuals that we send to Washington D.C. to represent us do not come close to having the knowledge and abilities that the rest of us have. As usual, Mr. Williams has hit the nail on the head. I greatly resent that those people think they can dictate to me what kind of health insurance I need. That is just the tip of the iceburg of the things they think they can do, and try to do, when our Constitution actually limits what they actually can do.
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The Incompetent Socialist: Barack Obama

Eleanor32 Wrote: Nov 13, 2013 10:34 AM
I disagree with you. Obama knew/knows EXACTLY what he is doing to our economy, we the people, and our image abroad. It was his plan from the beginning -- to "fundamentally transform America" (remember those words?). He has never waivered in his march to destroy the United States that has given us the best environment in which everyone who is diligent (sans unforseeable individual calamity) can thrive. Those that work hard, live relatively frugally, and put money aside for their future generally have done very well indeed.
"birdfighter", You are right on the money!! The big picture has been lost in the flurry of snap-shots that have ben talked about ad infinitem with nothing coming of any of the talk -- meanwhile the fire has been lit for "Rome" to burn while people are squabbling over the little picture that Obama is a liar because he said that people can keep their health care plan.
What I haven't seen yet is a list of the items that are supposed to make my health insurance plan better for me, and better for most other people who already had insurance plans that they like. My present insurance has worked well for me, so what hasn't been included in my present plan? What are the "magical" items that I am missing that would make my present plan conform to Obama's idea of "ideal" health insurance plans? It might be interesting to see a list of the new items included government mandated health insurance policies put forth for the public to see, and then see how many people actually WANT the additional items that are supposed to make their insurance plans better.
You forgot that he YELLS, instead of talks. Waterboard would be a relief compared to one of Obama's "speeches".
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Obamacare May Be Beyond Salvaging

Eleanor32 Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 1:12 AM
"Asked about Obama's promise, Lee responded that it was "not well-stated" and "may have been an inarticulate way of describing what the realities are." Inarticulate? The man is supposed to be a lawyer, but in actuality he seems to be a liar. I would venture that either Obama flunked Law 101 or that he is a liar. Either one does not bode well for We The People.
To say nothing about the number of CPA's what will have to be hired so that citizens can be protected from protracted fights with the IRS (overseer of the financial part of individual medical care). I know from having taken care of two people with multiple medical problems how complicated hospital and doctor bills are. I also know from the experience of fighting with the IRS over my uncomplicated income tax bills that the only way I can survive fighting with the IRS over my FAR less complicated income taxes is to hire a CPA. Laws, especially stupid laws ,DO have unintended (or were they intended?) consequences. Obamacare is going to drown citizens in hassles with the IRS.
My biggest question is not that government can force us to pay a "fine" if we don't buy health insurance -- that was mandated when John Roberts voted. But can government force cause us to lose insurance we currently have and then force us to buy government run insurance because our current plan doesn't have government specified provisions? Obama is very much on record as saying that if we like our health care plan we can keep it. Now that has changed to if your health care plan isn't good enough then we have to buy a health care plan that the GOVERNMENT thinks we should have.
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Purple Heart Hero’s Amazing Salute

Eleanor32 Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 12:42 AM
The man doesn't KNOW the meaning of patriotism, and probably has little clue as to why the Marines are saluting . Take consolation in the fact that the Marines are NOT saluting the man -- they are saluting the office, which Obama continues to disgrace with his behavior.
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