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Actually, we may all know which book burner you are talking about, but there have been other regimes that burned books (notably the bible) in the past, and usually for the same reason (see below:. From Wikipedia: ":...the burning of books has a long history as a tool wielded by authorities both secular and religious, in efforts to suppress dissenting or heretical views that are perceived as posing a threat to the prevailing order." Sounds to me that this book ban might have something to do with the above statement.
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

Eleanor32 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 11:53 AM
And I think it is high time POTUS sticks to his side of the fence. There are THREE (count them) THREE branches of our government, and each one was DESIGNED to reign in the other two when they over step their boundaries. Having said the above, I wonder how in the world you think this decision was an irresponsible judgement that will harm the social fabric of our (state?) country. Forcing people to do things for others against their basic beliefs is going to harm the country how? Just because your beliefs don't coincide with others beliefs doesn't make you right and them wrong.
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The Legacy of Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt

Eleanor32 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 12:48 PM
If Barack Obama is a multimillionair as a result of writing two books about hims, how many copies of his book do you think would have sold if Barack Obama hadn't run for and "won" the Office of the Presidency of the United States?
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Uprooting Obamacare with Better Ideas

Eleanor32 Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 11:12 PM
Doctor X: There have been quite a number of excellent suggestions that would have made what we already had better such as competition that could cross over state lines, tort reform (which would save doctors a lot of money) etc. We already KNOW that Obamacare is going to cost us more than it was advertised as doing. That is just the individual cost, to say nothing about the millions of dollars government has already spent just on "advertising" Obamacare alone, much less the money they have already spent trying to implement it, fairly unsuccessfully so far. Add in the number of doctors who have already opted out of Obamacare, and those who are going to quit working because of the added costs of Obamacare (I ask my doctors and have some in my family). The cost of health care will go up for those who can afford to pay more, and ability to get in to see a doctor is going to go down for most of us. That is a proven fact -- proven in a number of countries who have tried their version of Obamacare (i.e. socialized medicine) and are finding it to be less than satisfactory, at least for many patients who have to wait for procedures -- some of which are life-saving IF the patient is treated in time. Let's face facts. With ever increasing new technology the cost of health care was necessarily going to go up, but adding a layer of government employees certainly isn't going to help reign in any costs.
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The Shame of Benghazi

Eleanor32 Wrote: Jan 21, 2014 10:30 AM
Have you read the list of people who were close, or somewhat close to her that have died under suspicious circumstances, and some not suspicious at all (i.e. have been murdered gang style)? Perhaps that could account for some of the silence.
You are so right Robert. I would have written this if you hadn't. My vote is to demand that Obamacare take effect in the summer or early fall. That way the maximum number of people will feel the brunt of the high cost increases this disastrous monstrosity has perpetrated on too many inattentive voters. It is those voters who put Obama into office in the first place and they need to feel the full effect of their vote before they have a change to vote again.
John, he might not be as much the "devoted husband" or "loving father" as you think he is. A lot of photos of Michelle obviously displeased with something doesn't bode well for the "devoted husband" designation, and we don't have any idea what the family dynamics are when the Obama household is alone in the privacy of their alloted space in the White House. Anyone can walk around holding hands with a smile on their faces -- all the while hiding a pile of c**p that is their marriage/family life. Case in point. If Jackie Kennedy knew of her husbands philandering she certainly couldn't have been a happy camper, yet her public persona never gave us a clue to what JFK was actually doing when not in view of the public.
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New Obamacare Delay Is the Worst Yet

Eleanor32 Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 1:27 PM
Forget delay of Obamacare. Drop it etirely. We would have to "eat" a lot of the costs of the bill so far; but like Solyndra, the GMC debacle and others that Obama has perpetrated on us, that might be cheaper (and easier on we the people) in the long run. If Obamacare was dropped perhaps we could get back to the 40 hour work week, small businesses could begin to expand, unemployment would drop, and the economy just might be able to survive the disaster that has been the Obama administration. Then Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and even some Democrats who have learned a lesson might be able to put into place some of the many thoughtful ideas that have been bouncing around, and were ignored by Obama and his cohorts.
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Why the world hates the Jews

Eleanor32 Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 12:42 AM
Is Obama a Jew? He is in the process of destroying many people's lives and has already managed to destroy the livelihood of many people, so he MUST be a Jew. Why is it dificult for so many people to accept the fact that Jews work hard and therein lies their success?
I loved this one: "liberal ideas can't survive an educated, honest debate about whether they work or not." I have sent two political articles (about the effects Obamacare will have on people) to my daughter and son-in-law with hope that I could start a dialog/debate with them. My son-in-law wrote back that he did not appreciate me sending things like that and I wasn't to send them any more. I have found that to be true of most liberals that I know. They don't want to (are afraid to?) talk about it.
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