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Are Polls Showing How You’ll Vote? Or How You Think Others Will?

Eleanor32 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 5:02 PM
For those who might not have read this on another site: I have to drive six miles to get home. Those six miles had at least six or more large Obama signs for the last election. There are NO Obama signs along this same road. There was one McCain/Palin sign that was knocked down, put back up, and knocked down again. Today there is one Romney/Ryan sign that has been standing for quite awhile, along with other signs for local candidates including Democrats. But no Obama sign.
howard194 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 5:34 PM
my wife thought i was nuts when i DARED to put the oval-shaped MITT bumper sticker on my car... we got the bumper sticker in the mail, from his campaign after a donation.

so far, no one's messed with my car but i have noticed alot of people looking at me at stop lights. i can't tell if they're annoyed or impressed... haven't been given the stinkeye or the finger yet.

One of the things which makes the media’s bias in favor of President Obama so influential is the natural human tendency to want to belong, and the fear being out of the mainstream.

As a professor, I cannot count the number of classes in which students were reluctant to ask a question for fear that everyone else already knew the answer. And yet when some “brave soul” actually asks, at least half the class heaves an audible sigh of relief – they all have the same question.

The “grownups” behave this way as well. A few years ago,...