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An Adolescent Aptitude for Federalism

Eleanor32 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 11:48 AM
Mr. Baisley stated the exact reason why so many young people voted for Obama and why the voting age should be raised back to 21, with the exception of those who are in the military. To paraphrase, they have never had any skin in the game and (most) don't have any clue what it takes to accumulate enough money to live on and perhaps save some for their old age (which most young people think will hever happen to them.)
PhilliesFan1066 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 10:50 PM
Absolutely--I've been saying that for some time. Besides Eleanor32's good reasons for returning the minmum age to 21, there is fact that a large proportion of 18-20 year olds are in college and under the influence of the radical leftist culture of indoctrination that exists there. They enter this culture primed by previous schooling to embrace this ideology and mostly lacking adequate intellectual resources (truthful civics and history classes) to stand against it.

Take away this "youth vote" and Obama wouldn't have had even a first term in office.
If the five stages of grief for losing a loved one are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, then the five stages for Republicans who just lost the presidential election must be denial, shock, analysis, depression and blaming fellow party members for being too whatever.  The intense debate has begun among party thinkers over how we could possibly have lost two elections in a row to the most radical leftist...
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