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Laughing Out Loud at Obama

el Dudley Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 12:40 PM
Because guys like Charles aren't screwing the taxpayers over talking of higher taxes to buy off idiot leeching voters. I think it may have been Thomas Jefferson who said that when over half of the electorate realizes they can vote themselves someone else's wealth, they refuse to work any longer.
I read that Senator Mitch McConnell burst into laughter upon hearing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner lay out President Obama's "Fiscal Cliff" plan. Here's the rub:

> $1.6 trillion in revenue
> $50.0 billion stimulus
> $400.0 billion in Medicare cuts

Unlike Susan Rice, who was sent in to fall on the administration's sword during the Benghazi cover up, Geithner isn't looking for his next government job. It makes him the perfect foil. He can actually go in with a straight face with a proposal so absurd that an old reserved guy like McConnell doubles over in hysterical disbelief. Some say this is how you begin...
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