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Darby: Clunk!! (the sound a large blade switch makes when applying massive amounts of current.)
eric: So what!! What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?? Voluntarily? My analysis wasn't flawed. Just because they didn't ask to come here doesn't dispute my assertion that Blacks are Blacks, the most vile and disgusting maggots on earth. This putrid corruption of our youth today is largely because of the acceptance of the "black culture" in today's society. Twerking, which traditionally has been a black woman's "thing" for decades, is now commonplace, thanks to the disgusting traits of lowlifes.
You can take the Black out of Africa, but I don't care who you are, you can't take the Africa out of the Black. Read up on what one black tribe does to another black tribe in Africa. They cut the breasts off of women, to keep them from feeding more babies. They are killing entire villages, and they take over their flocks and homes. Attacking white farmers and murdering all of them, in order to take their possessions. They reject white rule, but in many arts of Africa, that is the only civilized part there is. Why work for a living when it is easier to steal and kill someone for their property? They've brought their natural tendencies here.
Pistol: Very well said.
topknot: Trayvon Martin was NOT killed for being a thug. He was killed because he ambushed Zimmerman when Zimmerman was walking back to his car, and got confronted by Martin. Martin, upon seeing he was much bigger than Zimmerman, SMASHED Zimmerman in the face, breaking his nose., and sending him to the ground, whereby Martin continued beating Zimmerman mercifully in a "mixed martial arts" style pounding. When Zimmerman realized he was in fact going to die from his head being repeatedly being smashed into the concrete, he managed to pull out his gun and defend himself. I wouldn't have waited so long.
goldilocks: You asked a civil question, I'll give you a civil answer!!! Conservatives want to judge a man (or woman) by her merit. Her heart. We want to see the BEST in them, and then give them the freedom to stand out of their way to clamp to the top of their own personal success ladder. We believe in welfare, but only for the truly needy, i.e. those who can't take care of themselves. We believe that giving welfare away to a able-bodied person robs him of his ability to be his best. We believe in the spirit of the American past, and feel America is only as strong as the ideals that got us here to the 21st Century.
topknot: Yeah, well.......they'd better get ready to turn up the juice!! With the prison population in this country being 85% Blacks, it's gonna take an awful lot of amperage. Did anyone give credit to George Zimmerman for the number of 7/11 robberies he curtailed??
SHEEP!!!! Damn spell checker!!!
Reverend Jeremiah Al Jesse Obama quote: "We're five days away from FUNDAMENTALLY changing America!!" And the seep elected him into office. Twice.
"Pedant" was, I have to admit, a decent comeback. Shows you're not all bad.
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