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Since I am not keen on having glass bulbs filled with mercury in my house I was happy to find that I can still buy incandescent light bulbs. But they do cost $2 now instead of 50 cents. But I am happy to know this is not just helping pad GE or Sylvania's profits but that it is preventing global warming.
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Eldon15 Wrote: May 18, 2014 8:11 AM
The missing question is why was the video maker arrested and put in jail? Was it coordinated by the state dept? The underlying issue here, besides sheer incompetence, is abuse of power which is what Watergate was all about and everyone understands.
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Wish You Had that $1,900,000,000 Back?

Eldon15 Wrote: Mar 02, 2014 8:13 AM
If the GOP were smart they would run ads like H&R Block showing America the $2 billion they could have back by defunding Planned Parenthood. Recently I visited Niagra Falls. The falls are beautiful but once you are more than 1/4 mile away it is a sad and decrepit place on the US side. But within a couple miles I drove past 2 different PP clinics and one with a shiny new bus. I could not help but I feel that this is the liberal vision of America.
I am a Christian and agree with Dr. Youssef but our secular "conservative" friends probably need a more direct connection between social issues and economics. What do abortion and homosexuality have in common? They both limit the number of babies being born. What is our economic model built on? Economic growth. But economic growth will not happen without population growth which requires babies.
"Pro-choice" is a Henry Ford choice, i.e. a woman can choose anything she wants so long as she wants an abortion. Unfortunately trying to win emotionally charged topics like abortion with logic is a bit of a fool's errand. To win the argument we must stop letting liberals use euphemisms like women's health and pro-choice and force them to defend abortion. Liberals can be pro-abortion but force them to admit they are pro-abortion.
Limbaugh makes good points about Obama's pro-abortion stands including his opposition to the infants born alive bills, partial birth abortion bans, and his support for planned parenthood. Unfortunately too many in the GOP are afraid to call Obama on this. Did Romney talk about any of this? In one of the debates Obama criticized Romney for wanting to de-fund PP. Did Romney say yes I will and this is why? No. Also Tom Ridge was the GOP PA governor who stood down inspections of abortion clinics allowing Gosnell to continue his butchery. The GOP must stand against abortion or it will continue to fail.
"The ability to predict retrospectively"?! Awesome. I predict retrospectively that Louisville wins the Final Four. Give me a government grant.
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Swallowing Camels/Straining at Gnats

Eldon15 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 8:16 AM
Great column but could use a better title like "Obama wants to deport home schooling family". All home schoolers, or anyone who believes that parents have the right to control the education of their children, should sign the HSLDA petition to allow the Romeike's to stay in the US and educate their children.
Hewitt why didn't you tell your friend Mitt Romney to oppose the medical device tax during the campaign? Apparently Romney was too busy telling us about declaring the Chinese to be cheaters to find time to talk about it. At this point it would be foolish for the GOP to remove the worst aspects of O'care that everybody hates while leaving the bulk in place. Get rid all of O'care not just the medical device tax.
The Dems are always asking for "revenue". Here's a suggestion. 179,000 jobs should mean at least $1B in tax receipts from in FICA from those jobs alone. GOP then simply says approve Keystone and sequester cuts can be reduced by $1B. More reductions can occur with increased licensing from drilling in the Gulf of MX, ANWR, off shore etc. And then there's approval for fracking. Lots of new revenue w/o tax increases.
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