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Way to go Rham! It's a damn good thing you weren't in charge of eradicating polio in the 50's.
Hooray for the citizens in Murrieta!!!!!
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It's A Disaster At The Border

El_Loco_JP Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 9:51 AM
We know what to do about illegal immigration! It merely requires following and enforcing the law. But that's too difficult for spineless politicians who are willing to exchange America's sovereignty for illegal votes.
So what????? Will any of the illegal decisions and judgments be overturned? Will any of these illegally filled positions be re-filled with valid appointees? Of course NOT!
Hickenlooper is a libtard. Of course he lied, he is a liar and he will continue to lie until he no longer counts.
What difference will it make? They do all the things now that he proposes. They only difference is that we won't be able to prosecute them. Rivers should be impeached for malfeasance in office and prosecuted for treason.
"Loser Pays" legislation will solve all these kinds of problems.
The backbone of any Republic is an electorate that exhibits senses of personal responsibility and self reliance. Without that, a Republic cannot endure. That is exactly what is happening now in our once great nation. The deadbeats have learned that they can have anything and everything they want by electing "welfare" pimps throughout our political system. The Demoncraps have learned that they can get elected and re-re-re-... elected by wasting public funds on welfare deadbeats. When they run out of public money, they just borrow some, and some more and some more and ...
And when you consider that Odumbo has a 99% approval rating with the MSM and Bush had about 1% ... that just shows you how poorly Odumbo is doing.
"Bergdahl's Captors Threatened to Kill Him"? And that would be bad because ... ?
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