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Petraeus: We Knew Benghazi Was Terrorism "Almost Immediately"

I heard a rumor...America...and I would like to share it. It sounds unbelieveable...but this 'loon' administration is unbelieveable...and also deep in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is not secret...that the Liar N' the BFF of the Muslim Brotherhood...and it was rumored that he has been having secret conversations with them. They want the blind Shiek them. So the Liar N' Chief...and the Muslim Brotherhood cooked up a scheme to get it done without casting any blame on the Liar N' Chief. The deal was to make sure the Consulate in Bengazhi...was not adequately secured so that the Ambassador could be taken as a the terrorist group...and their demand would then be...the Ambassador for the...
Eileen for Freedom/Liberty Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 7:21 PM
blind shiek...and the Liar N' Chief...would oblige them...but it blew up in their faces...when the former Seals...did their job...and worked to protect the Ambassador and themselves....and all were killed in the process. That is why they were told to stand all could take place without bloodshed....but they didn't take into consideration these brave men...who tried to protect the consulate and the Ambassador...which means they were sacrificed by this administration!

That is what I heard...let us see how this plays out...because it sounds exactly like something the enemy of America living in our White House would do.


CNN landed the scoop regarding what former CIA Director and four star general David Petraeus is telling members of Congress behind closed doors today:

CNN reports that former Central Intelligence Agency director David H. Petraeus wants to tell Congress that he knew “almost immediately” that the attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was perpetrated by terrorists. According to the source, reports attributing the attack to protests surrounding an anti-Islam video and protests in Cairo were not disproven until after Petraeus made his initial report to Congress. Despite that, according to CNN, Petraeus had separate talking points from Rice’s...