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I feel sorry for the students who had to take this class -- this lawsuit is absolutely necessary. If you've forgotten the kind of pressure and intimidation a teacher can wield over her students--it is pretty intense. You literally have to do what a teacher says. You feel like your whole future depends on it. This is really unfair.
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My Apology to Mormon Readers

Eileen167 Wrote: Jun 08, 2013 10:02 PM
1) I still love being Mormon--too many awesome things about it to be anything else. 2) I still love your columns (other than the ones where you pontificate about Mormons). Rock on.
Sadly, I can't boycott them because I already didn't like them.
I suppose some demented muslim zealot thinks this is what "winning" looks like.
This is a positive development and I'm glad to see it finally happening. Although, it took an act of outrageous violence to get them there. If anything, the tragedy of that soldier's death highlighted the enemy within.
My prayers are with those parents still looking for their children and for those who have lost loved ones.
I have to agree. I think any relief or hope we feel for our press is misplaced. These people are not angry with Obama for his message, they are angry because he's screwing up the "Government Will Solve All Your Problems And BTW Give Up Your Rights Because You Don't Need Them" narrative.
"These are the practices of the Third World." YES!! yes, it is. It is the ONLY difference between us and countries who live from one military to another dictator. Please, Americans, please, pay attention to this.
This is HUGE. Absolutely gratifying to hear. Prayers for those who survived this atrocity and the families of those who lost loved ones.
I've been a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) for our four children who are now grown. Huge props to my awesome husband for wanting to give the best life we could to our kids. It's hard to support a family and it's hard to be the one who stays at home. It's been so worth it. We've passed these values on to our kids and now they want the same for theirs. Generations can build on each other! I wish every young woman and young man in high school had this kind of blueprint for their families--or at least seriously considered it as an option.
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