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And the Survey Says: Obama’s a Loser

Eichendorff Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 2:37 PM
" but with all the leaches sucking at the government teat" Just a friendly reminder: Let's not mix our metaphors. Leeches suck blood, and rarely do they ever suck it from a teat.

A whole raft of economic survey information released recently shows a leaky economy is threatening to help sink Obama’s reelection chances this fall.

On Thursday, pollster Rasmussen published results of their daily consumer confidence numbers showing the index at its lowest point at any time since the start of 2012.

“The Rasmussen Consumer Index,” writes Rasmussen, “which measures consumer confidence on a daily basis, fell another point on Thursday to the lowest level of 2012. At 78.5, confidence is down three points from a week ago, down three points from a month ago and down 11 points from three months...