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How can we go toa gold standard without gold? The US monetary system is running on faith and fumes - without gold.
This is an undertold story. Oh, if only the press would tell the seamy side of our government!!! And Buffett? Add on his obscene profits in Burlington Northern railroad arising from non-construction of the KeystoneXL pipeline, Burlington being the only way out for the oil. It may, or may not, be illegal, but unequivocally it is corrupt and horribly damaging for our country, economic system, and way of life. For even saying this I may get a hit squad at my door.
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Poll: Is Mark Pryor Pulling Away in AR?

ehall Wrote: May 12, 2014 5:50 PM
Gee... What a surprise!!! NBC provides skewed news!
Why does nobody tell the story of Warren Buffett being the biggest beneficiary of not having the Keystone pipeline? His Burlington Northern railroad is the principal means of shipping oil out of the Dakotas oil fields and would be significantly supplanted by the pipeline. Could this be why he has supported Obama over recent years?
Interesting. Rarely does a party do well in elections while running away from its leader. Wasserman-Schultz surely knows this, so she must be really desperate.
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Russia Plays the Gullible West

ehall Wrote: Apr 12, 2014 7:03 AM
When writing on Ukraine, why do you not address the Western activism and influence in the country trying to push it into NATO? The US State Department emails revealed active, forceful Western involvement in influencing Ukranian politics toward rebellion against its elected government. If Russia had been doing this in a country adjoining the US, what would be the US reaction?
Chris Matthews is the biggest loser on this planet. He belongs on television like stench belongs on a rose.
I lived in DC for 30 years, did considerable work as a contractor for the government there and otherwise interfaced extensively with that government. It is well identified as "America's third world country." It is the most poorly managed and most corrupt administrative entity I have ever encountered.Of course, being generally poorly managed, the corruption becomes difficult to specifically identify and then to prosecute. It is the general consensus of DC employees, huge majority African-American, that anyway it is whitey's money and they deserve whatever "share" they can take to compensate for damages from generations ago.
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Obamacare Changes in One Infographic

ehall Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 12:23 AM
If a Republican President acted like this, the Democrats and the press would be screaming for impeachment. Obama's actions, and the personality cult supporting him, really are threatening our form of government - government by law under the Constitution. After the gross overspending by this administration, when Republicans try to bring fiscal sanity back by reducing spending and increasing taxes, the Republicans will be blamed by a forgetting public and a supportive press for the ensuing hard times. Then we could go the way of the Weimar Republic.
NY has more poor people than wealthy people. The poor vote for free phones and more welfare. Welcome to Democrat Land! Soon it will be more economically beneficial to not work than to work at all.
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