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Is Anyone Going To Notice The Left's Hysterical Hysteria Over Guns?

Ehaera Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 1:09 AM
A point is being missed here. Assuming most of the state bills are similar in nature to Maryland's Senate Bill 281 and House Bill 294, along with any other legislation which would ban the transport, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, subject residents to an onerous process to purchase, rent, or be in possession of a handgun, give vast discretionary power to the State Police over the right to keep and bear arms, and otherwise penalize law-abiding constituents for exercising their constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights. Can someone say "future Canadian-style gun confiscation? And the same Canadian-style fail?
SDMartin Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 8:07 AM
I plan to shoot gun grabbers on site. Am part of a tacticual kill gun grabbers as they decend on law abiding gun owners.. Many are combat trained military veterans

Somewhere a dentist is missing his laughing gas. Because the absolute hysteria of the American Left Intelligentsia on guns has now reached a new level of laughable. No longer (as if they ever were) engaged in serious conversation about mental health in America, the Hysteria-Merchants now find guns (and lawful gun owners) to be The Problem. They've gone mad. You gotta laugh.

While most can point to Piers Morgan's almost immediate crack-up on guns (always remember, Morgan never cared about people, their lives, and the kids at Sandy Hook. Morgan cares about ratings. Nothing else comes close,) people on both the...