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It's mostly about their desperate attempt to justify their perversions.
...through my nose..
...spilled my coffee on that remark...Rodney
You hit the nail squarely on the head americathebeautiful!
The perennial hate spewing from Feminazis only confirms their frustrations of not being able to attract desirable males as they seem to go out of their way to look ugly. They are also frustrated into turning to lesbianism as men become unavailable.
Just wish that our RINOs were as masculine as the feminazis...
Well said CombatMissionary !
I wonder why almost all so called "feminists" (or indoctrinated fascists) are so very unattractive. They seem to hate men (perhaps because they are so unattractive ?) while also hating conservative women who tend to be, on average, far more attractive and therefore being more "lucky" in attracting desirable males. Their entire philosophy seems to revolve around hate, hate, hate.
Coming down to Basics : How on Earth does one "fix" stupid ?? You've gotta be retarded to believe that.
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