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This guy must have been born a true cretin (not meaning to insult any one of those) his party's major benefactor is a Jew who did just that : Mr.Soros.
I think rape should be rewarded with castration...
Touche on that one !
You are totally mistaken OldMom. You can thank our tilted legal system that makes it possible for our trial lawyers to dominate our medical fields. No two human beings are the same, physically nor physiologically. Therefore, one person can take as much, say, Aspirin as he/she wants or needs, while to some other it could be fatal taking just one. The same applies to all drugs and strawberries, peanuts etc too...Pharma, thanks to trial lawyers must advertise all possible adverse potential to mitigate potential and mostly frivolous lawsuits so they must cover all bases in their advertising to cover these lawsuits.
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Egonm206 Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 4:11 PM
Hey dummy X, do a little reading (if you know how) and take a peek at the official American Communist Party's agenda, IT'S IDENTICAL TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY'S AGENDA, including priorities.
And all of them, without exception, in so called "Gun Free Zones"...makes you wonder why crazed liberal shooters never pick on a firing range, a police station etc...
...."take two years or more"....means : NEVER-EVER.
You can only pity most of those women as the majority of them will inevitably regret the abortion and live in guilt the rest of their lives.
Take it out on the Muslims/Arabs etc, blacks are still, currently, enslaved by them and they, along with other black tribes are the ones who did indeed enslave them and sell them to white Brits and Portuguese. PS it didn't last for "centuries" under whites in America nor in Brazil, both predominantly Chrisitian countries so it ended relatively quickly. The arabs and muslims, yes, they have been at it for centuries to this day.
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