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"Compromise" in the liberal mindset only means : "Be reasonable, do it our way"...
You, willie, are one very sick and perverted creature.
You are one really sick pervert will...
The only damnable liar here seems to be you lois, a delusional one at that
Plain and simple : Hang them in the public square !
Mostly the wrong kind, unfortunately...
Ericy. I spent 33 years in the Amazon regions and as a long term witness I am happy to inform you that when they try to cut a new road through the jungle it grows back in six months unless you keep on cutting. It is very expensive. So the notion that huge areas are going barren is hugely exaggerated by people who have vested political interests.
Even if the GOP establishment yet once again manage to get another "moderate" RINO nomination, we simply must vote for him/her because any democrat alternative would surely be the last nail in this country's coffin.
Ronald : The retaking of the US Senate by Republicans would be a nice start.
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